Welcome to C&S Industrial Surplus


C & S Industrial Surplus is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of services for industrial plants. Our demolition services include relocation of factories and the decommissioning of closed factories. We dismantle entire plants, process units, partial units, and individual pieces of equipment.

Quality, Safety, Efficiency

We bring high expertise and experience to demolition projects of all sizes and types, and we aim to become the preferred demolition contractor in Texas.

We pride ourselves on safety. We have a perfect safety record and we continue to implement safety protocols that keep everyone safe.

We also pride ourselves on efficiency. We provide cost effective demolition solutions for commercial and industrial plants using the latest investment recovery methods such as:

  • Estimation of cost.
  • Valuation of surplus equipment, wood, and architectural salvage to determine if we can offset project costs.
  • Valuation of all scrap metal for recycling.
  • Evaluation of concrete/brick masonry.
  • Evaluating onsite crushing as an alternative to offsite disposal or recycling.


We can dismantle your plant and equipment and relocate you within 48 hours anywhere in Texas or the United States.

Other Projects

Our experienced demolition supervisors can help you with developing schedules, valuation of unforeseen equipment, and project cost estimation. We are here to make your demolition project move smoothly and cost efficiently.